Discover How To NEVER Buy A Product Until AFTER You've Already Sold It On Amazon For A Profit ! ! !

FREE Webinar Reveals Why - After 19 Months On Amazon - We:

Tues. Dec. 01, 2015

A Teacher, Motivational Speaker and Pastor. Burt enjoys helping others learn how they can "Create Success" online. His "Over the Shoulder Video" Style Teaching has helped hundreds break free from traditional jobs.

    • Said "Goodbye" To Sketchy Imports From China,
    • Left Others To Fight For Scraps In Super-Saturated Niches,
    • Ensured We'd ONLY Deliver High-Quality American Products

    By Establishing Our Own U.S.-Based Manufacturing Facility...

NOTE: There are literally THOUSANDS of frustrated Amazon sellers struggling to find a product, find a supplier, raise capital to invest in inventory... or else are selling at a loss (if at all) in a "race to the bottom" where steep competition pushes prices ever lower and nobody wins but the customer.

Space is limited & this webinar will fill up fast due to the unique nature of this arrangement that cannot be replicated (short of establishing a domestic manufacturing facility integrated with Amazon seller accounts)

Learn How Our Partners Are Able To:

  • Bypass The Burden Of Selecting The Perfect Product
  • Skip The Stress Of Finding A Solid Supplier
  • Annihilate The Anxiety Of The Inventory Investment

...By Exploiting A Proprietary,
1-Step Selling System That Eliminates ALL Risk Of... Choosing The Wrong Product, Choosing The Wrong Supplier,
& Sinking Your Cash Into Merchandise You May Get Saddled With!

Inaugural Webinar Training
Tuesday December 1, 2015

What Our Customers Are Saying:

I am excited about the course.

Thank you just does not say enough about your generosity to those willing to work. I am ready to rock.

Marilyn F.

Your knowledge of doing things properly never ceases to amaze me!

I am referring most especially to advice You gave on this webinar but also to your knowledge in general. This was without doubt the best explanation I have seen on the material You covered!!

Many Thanks!!

Gary Thornell

Are you a follower of Zig Ziggler?

Burt, Nice over all stuff. Are you a follower of Zig Ziggler? Your delivery reminds me a lot of him. Not a bad act to follow. Just wondering if…s

Haggard Ryder

During This Free Webinar You'll Learn:


Why You Don't Have To Settle For The "Lesser Of Two Evils" (Low Demand or High Competition)

How to steer clear of highly-saturated niches where you’re doomed to fail… and instead write your own ticket in a high-demand market with rabid buyers where YOU control the competition…


The Efficacy (And Ease) Of The "Made In U.S.A." Advantage

How to side-step the landmines & time delays of broken-English inquiries over Chinese imports… and rather exploit our “direct connect” integration between your Amazon account and our U.S.-based manufacturing facility…


The NO-Risk, NEVER-Lose Money Profit Method

How to (......) the risk of rolling the dice on front-loaded inventory… and alternately keep your powder (cash safe) dry and your profits piling up by ONLY buying an item after you’ve already sold it for more!

Reserve Your Seat Now:
(Space Is Limited - And We Cannot Even Partner With All Who DO Make The Call)

... And How, If You Want To Control The END RESULT...

You Must
Control The PROCESS!

When We Stopped LOOKING For A Reliable Supplier Of Quality Goods... 

And Instead Muscled-Up And Actually BECAME The Supplier Of Quality Goods...

We Took Control Over The PROCESS... Including Restrictions On The Number Of Partners We Permit So As To Choke Back On Competition!

And The "End Result" Is Our Partners Are Now Able To Plug-N-Play With A Proven Product Class With:
  • NO Overseas Freight
  • NO Quality Concerns
  • NO Product Stockpile
  • NO Competition Bloat
  • NO Financial Risk

We've completely RE-written the rules.  This is Amazon FBA like you've never seen.  In fact, it's more accurately "FB Us" because you don't even have to manage FBA inventory with our revolutionary "direct-connect" method of integrating your Amazon Seller Central account into our
U.S.-Based Manufacturing Facility. 
It's also not FBM, because you never put your hands on a single product or make one trip to the post office.  Moreover, we're so confident our system works, you don't even pay for a single item until AFTER it's already sold & we're preparing to ship it on your behalf.  Oh, and in case you're wondering, YOU control the money.  Amazon collects into your account, and you merely pay us for what you sell.

A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words.

And This One's Worth 23 Thousand Searched Keywords.

And 23 Million Individual Searches Of Those Keywords.

High Demand, Low Competition.
Made In USA.
ZERO Out-Of-Pocket Inventory Cost.

You can always roll the dice & choose a product you think will work, search for a manufacturer to supply it & trust it will be of ample quality, invest a sizeable amount of money for inventory & overseas shipping... and then "give it a go" & see if you can rank & generate organic sales.

Or you can save the 19 months of precious time we've invested, leverage our vast & diverse experience, and tap the revelations we've had about how to "re-write" the rules of selling on Amazon and created (literally from the ground up) an exclusive opportunity for  Sellers to partner with us and take advantage of a one-of-a-kind chance to eclipse the hazards & pitfalls of e-Commerce and fast-track profitable selling with no risk.

Here's A Recap (And The Bottom Line):

PICK a Product

Source a Product

Buy a Product

Sell a Product

Why Do All THIS?

When You Can 
Skip Straight 
to THIS?

PICK a Product

Source a Product

Buy a Product

SELL a Product,
Make a PROFIT!

What Our Customers Are Saying:

I love your training and I trust you when you recommend products!

Hi Burt, your enthusiasm is infectious and you make me smile! I love your training and I trust you when you recommend products! I’ve unsubscribed from all them shiny objects bombarding me every day and I’m now going to focus on your training. Thanks for showing me the way Burt!

Seamus Shell

I had lots of reasons to give up but this man shifted my mind-set and gave me a reason to carry on…

Burt is a real good “Bloke” Listen to what he says and take action on what he shows you and you can’t go wrong. His products are changing my life day after day and I had lots of reasons to give up but this man shifted my mind-set and gave me a reason to carry on… “Wealth is not the presence or accumulation of things; it’s a mindset we develop. Poverty is not the absence of things; it’s a mindset we have developed.” God Bless

John Walsh

May God bless you and your wife as you help others as you did me last night!

Just wanted to send you a quick THANK YOU! Your coaching last night was so very encouraging and allowed a good night’s rest for a change. May God bless you and your wife as you help others as you did me last night! Grateful in Georgia!

Kristie Chiles

Fail-Proof FBA is obviously not part, sponsored by, or endorsed by or otherwise approved by  We've simply come up with the most innovative, creative, ambitious, and intelligent way to start a successful Amazon business without the tradition FBA approach and without having to go the FBM (Fulfilled By Merchant) route either.  Without locking you down or boxing you in, we have developed the best way to begin an Amazon business without the risk of choosing the wrong product, the wrong supplier or else ending up eating a bunch of inventory you cannot sell.  This is an exquisite way to either build an entire business, or else simply build a base foundation from which to expand (having the funds necessary to subsidize other endeavors that require high inventory requirements or big marketing budgets due to the competition).

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