Refund Policy

14-Day, No-Risk Money-Back Guarantee on our 6-Week Coaching!

With our “Sell First, Pay Later” 1-Step Selling System, Fail-Proof FBA is a Risk-Free approach to selling on Amazon where you’re never front-loaded with expensive inventory or pushed to peddle inferior goods.

But your investment in the Fail-Proof FBA product/course (Membership Site) is Risk-Free as well.

If you decide you don’t like listing high-demand products for sale that you’ve never paid for, and don’t like having Amazon deposit other people’s money into your bank account BEFORE you pay for them, no worries. The traditional, competitive approach of Finding, Sourcing, Buying & THEN Selling a product is always available… as are plenty of generic goods that can be drop-shipped or private labeled by you (and everyone else on the planet).

So feel free to take 14 Days to see if we haven’t designed the best way to begin a successful e-Commerce business (short of YOU establishing your own U.S.-Based Manufacturing Facility, which is always an option too).

Decide you’ve found something better… or just no longer want your “Franchise” for any reason… we’ll gladly allow you to forfeit it to someone else & we’ll refund every penny paid!

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